A prominent conspiracy theorist has asserted, without evidence, claims that former POTUS Barack Obama and his team are behind the ongoing wave of leaks (not that kind) and town hall protests. During a seemingly crowded interview with the Fox & Friends brigade Tuesday, the current White House tenant tossed blame at Obama while still managing to squeeze in some praise for himself.

Trump was first asked about protests, specifically whether he felt any alleged Obama influence on these demonstrations would violate some unspoken "code" among presidents. "No, I think he is behind it," Trump said. "I also think it's politics. That's the way it is." Later on during the same answer, Trump took leaks to task.

"I think that President Obama's behind [the protests] because his people are certainly behind it," Trump said. "And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks—which are very serious leaks, because they're very bad in terms of national security." Trump then switched the topic to something about a vaguely described collective of "bad guys."

Later in the interview, Trump gave himself an "A" for achievement, an "A-plus" for effort, and something between a C and C-plus for communication. Trump also returned to his coveted "fake news" arena of discussion, again taking umbrage at the concept of sources:

Trump will deliver his first address to Congress Tuesday night. At least one House Democrat plans to skip the proceedings, ABC News reported. Rep. Maxine Waters, House Financial Services Committee ranking member, said she predicted she would not be "able to control herself" during the speech. "The president is not going to say what I want him to say," Waters said. "He's going to take credit for everything."