In case you somehow missed it, allow me to inform you that falcons are currently having one hell of a viral moment:

A Reddit user shared a photo of 80 (80!!!) glorious birds of prey kicking back on an airplane Monday before said photo was meme'd into certified virality by bird enthusiasts the world over. Though the original post refers to the calm air travelers as "hawks," Business Insider notes they are most likely falcons, as transporting them via this photo-ready method is a "pretty common practice."

The practice of falconry, in which one hunts with the assistance of a trained bird, has been prevalent in the Middle East for thousands of years. Falconry is still a "popular pastime" in the United Arab Emirates, Business Insider reports. The winged traveler and part-time hunter is also the UAE's national bird, so no wonder these dudes are getting generous travel accommodations.

Looking to fill a plane with your own falcons? Take heed: You probably won't be allowed to fit 80 of them in economy class, so expect to splurge a little. Your birds will likely need a passport. Some airlines, such as Etihad Airways, also accept falcons as checked luggage.

Anyway, here are the meme-y tweets for which you came:

Let's just hope no one out there is thinking of cramming 80 slithering snakes on a plane. That would not be a nice thing to do.