Six women. Five pairs of legs. A plethora of Green Bay Packers paraphernalia. All of this can be found in a photo that's currently making its way through the usual steps of viral phenomena, a remarkable feat given that the photo itself is kinda totally boring. But waittttt a minute. FIVE PAIRS OF LEGS?!?!? What is this sorcery?

The alleged optical illusion, which first popped up on Reddit before Insider took a deep dive into its many mysteries, has the internet surprisingly fucked up. With just a cursory glance, the woman in the middle holding a glass of (what appears to be) wine seemingly possesses approximately zero legs.

"Maybe she's a couch-centaur?" one Reddit user suggested. Others are understandably more interested in the illusion's surrounding scenery. "Bar plus Packers shit everywhere," one user noted. "Like every basement in Wisconsin."

If you're, like, really shitty at solving so-called optical illusions, then treat this next bit as a straight-up spoiler: There is no such leglessness in this photo, as the two women on the far left of the image are both rocking dark jeans and have inadvertently merged their respective legs into a single pair.

Or put more eloquently, per Insider:

One leg of the blue woman is slightly visible (you can see her shoe), and the other is totally obscured behind the red woman's legs.

Watching everyone put so much energy into an inane Reddit thread makes me feel fucking great about the future.