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Justin Bieber is hoping that he can get away with the same lawsuit privacy as President-elect Donald Trump in a lawsuit filed against him by a former neighbor. The Biebs' former Calabasas, California neighbor claims the pop star egged the hell out of his house in 2014, and Bieber wants to keep the deposition video private from the media while the lawsuit gets resolved.

TMZ reports that Bieber's lawyers are seeking the order of protection in the egging lawsuit, where the ex-neighbor also claims Bieber spit on him. Yikes. Citing the lawsuit that was filed against Donald Trump's Trump University, TMZ writes that Bieber's lawyers are arguing privacy can be a good thing in lawsuits. Bieber's legal team supposedly wants to avoid additional scandal the deposition may cause, TMZ reports.

Bieber has already shelled out a cool $90,000 for damages related to the egging, and the current lawsuit is for emotional distress, which Bieber's team claims is bogus. Apparently it was too late too late to say sorry.

The reference to Trump Univeristy, of course, refers to the order of protection that was granted in a lawsuit filed against the president-elect's now defunct for-profit school. Former students of Trump's school filed two class action lawsuits, which Trump agreed to settle for a total of $25 million in November. Under the conditions of the settlement, Trump didn't admit to any wrong doing, but still ponied up the dough. Specific details of the settlement were filed in court documents in late December.