Despite the rise of a new theory alleging that Hell is actually located inside Instagram, the brain possessors among us are still pretty convinced such a place simply doesn't exist. But, hey, if this "Hell" just so happens to be a real locale, I imagine it would exclusively house creatures that look exactly like this:

That particular creature is one of many terrifying deep sea companions of Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov, Gizmodo reported Tuesday. Fedortsov regularly shares equally petrifying images of all his aquatic pals, including whatever the hell this is:

A report from the Moscow Times adds that Fedortsov works on a chiding trawler in Murmansk, a port city located in northwest Russia. Fedortsov first started tweeting and 'gramming pics of his most fascinating catches earlier this year, a decision that ultimately landed him nearly 60,000 followers on Twitter and just shy of 32,000 on Instagram. Naturally, everyone is now out here sharing their knee-jerk reactions to Hell's underwater army:

Who's up for a swim?