If someone you're seeing, someone you're into, someone you're chatting with on Tinder, or literally just anyone sends you solicited nude photos of themselves, you are blessed. You've been blessed with intimate knowledge of their body, blessed with their trust, blessed with spank-bank material. However, some people (special side eye at the f***boys among us) don't want to see the gift of nudes for what they are, and subsequently act like trash humans who don't deserve the sexy pictures in the first place.

If you're lucky enough to be trusted with photos of someone's naked body, here are all the right and wrong ways to accept the gift, courtesy of some Reddit dudes.

Reddit user wavvvybaby popped in to the AskMen subreddit to pose a question about naked selfies, and specifically what men do with them once they receive them from women. Wavvvybaby asked, "Long story short, one of my fwb has a video of me giving him head and a video of us going at it (doggy style). Another just has nudes (w no face). Do men show their friends these vids and photos?"

Some dudes seemed to have the right idea (aka not showing their skeezeball friends someone else's naked body without their permission). One user writes that not only does he keep nudes private, he would "never want to see other friends' vids or photos either."

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Another user asked wrote that while he knows someone who shares nudes with friends, he's "certain [the friend] has express permission."

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Carbonclassix, another Reddit user, writes that he's filmed with his ex but that he'd "never in a million years show anyone and neither would she." He added, "that level of trust was part of why our relationship was amazing." Amen! 

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Others fessed up to not respecting their gift of nudes, and taking what's possibly the most violating route:

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Lesson: Don't be a myshieldsforargus. Be a 19GTK87.