It's official: Google is coming out with new phones, called the Pixel and Pixel XL, and they look pretty cool. Google announced the new phones Tuesday, and the Verge reports that the phones are built by HTC but were designed entirely by Google.


The new phones are being sold exclusively by Verizon (though unlocked versions will be available as well), and will come in three colors: "quite black," "very silver," and a "really blue" that will be available only in some markets, according to the Verge

As the name of the phones suggest, they will come with awesome cameras.  

So far, the social media response to the new phones seems pretty positive.  

Google was also sure to advertise that, unlike the iPhone 7, the Pixel will have a headphone jack. 

The Pixel will start at $649, and the Pixel XL will be priced at $769. The phone is available for pre-order beginning today.