Last summer, the internet lost its collective shit when they discovered Yanet Garcia, a beautiful woman who just so happened to be a weather reporter on TV in Mexico. With thirst being real on the World Wide Web, this woman was turned into a viral sensation. Overnight, an elementary school teacher in Atlanta by the name of Patrice "Tricey" Brown has been receiving even more notoriety for her beauty, but with a twist.


Based on a number of Instagram posts (her Instagram has since been set to private) that show off her assets while in the classroom, the question of appropriate attire has come up. And with Twitter being Twitter, the debate has ensued.

Miss Brown is dressed appropriately; that much is obviously known. It's not like she's dressed for the club or showing skin; this is just how her body is built. Or as this Twitter user put it... 

The first part is true (leave me out of any conversations about people sounding bitter). Sometimes, you can't help what you've got. The question is, how are her students doing? Is she an effective teacher? But more importantly, why do any of you even care?

Oh, right, "because she's hot." Does being curvy mean that certain women shouldn't wear a dress that would be just as appropriate on a woman who doesn't have those curves? Of course not. It seems people have nothing else to do now that school is back in session and they don't want to pay attention to THEIR teacher (who may or may not be as attractive as Miss Brown).

At the end of the day, thirst gonna thirst.