Tesla isn't screwing around. In addition to providing what is arguably the only artful alternative to boring-ass gas guzzlers, Elon Musk and company have also kept an eye on the sports car enthusiasts perhaps not entirely keen on the idea of a fully electric vehicle. In fact, TechCrunch editor Matthew Panzarino noted that Tesla's new Model S P100D boasts one very brag worthy distinction:

The fresh Model S P100D also packs a new 100kWh battery option, which brings the gift of 315 EPA-estimated range miles, i.e. a 7-percent increase from the performance of the 90kWh battery. The battery will also be made available for those who already own Model S and Model X cars, starting with P90D users at $20,000 (including recycling) and just $10,00 for those with a P90D Ludicrous order that has yet to be filled.

With a battery range for new customers that now spans from 60kWh all the way to 100kWh, that means a fresh glance at their tiered pricing structure is in order. Verge reported Model S cars will now be available for base model prices ranging from $66,000 to $134,500, while Model X cars will set you back anywhere between $74,000 and $135,500.

For those really paying attention, this all means the super dope and allegedly hella fast Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode would realistically run you about $134,500, which is either a ludicrous amount of money or a totally inane amount of money. Guess it all depends on your perspective. What is money, really?