PornHub, everyone's go-to destination for quick and easy pornographic film consumption, is launching its own health initiative aimed at keeping Rio visitors safe from the Zika virus. The popular provider of clothes-free adult fare introduced Ooohlympics Wednesday, providing free (i.e. $0.00) membership to its prestigious PornHub Premium services to both State of Rio de Janeiro residents and visitors.

"As fear over the potential spreading of the Zika virus continues to grip the country of Brazil, here at PornHub we wanted to ensure the protection of today's top athletes, those traveling to Rio, and the city's current residents by offering free membership to PornHub Premium," Corey Price, PornHub's VP, said in a statement to Complex Wednesday. "By providing an alternative to sexual intercourse, we are making an effort to combat this disease head on. Get ready to put your best O-faces on, for the Olympics of course!"

Pornhub launches their Ooohlympics health program, designed to help battle Zika.

To make sure some helpful Zika virus information reaches the masses, PornHub has designed a landing page for the initiative that's packed with facts and figures:

Pornhub drops some stats and facts about the Zika virus as part of their Ooohlympics campaign.

To make sure everyone really gets in the zone with their commendable Ooohlympics campaign, PornHub is also encouraging some friendly competition. Whenever someone in Rio signs up their free PornHub Premium account, they'll be prompted to select which country they're pulling for in the Olympics. A live-ranking will be populated and shared showing the areas with the most sign-ups. The best part? The 3 nations with the most memberships by Aug. 21 will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals straight from PornHub honoring their commitment to the Ooohlympics message.

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