A peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Portland Thursday almost turned violent when a Donald Trump supporter pulled a gun on protesters.

Videos from protesters showed the man, later identified as 36-year-old conservative blogger Michael Strickland, drawing his gun and pointing it at protesters in broad daylight.


The scary incident happened when the protest reached the outside of Portland's Justice Center.

Strickland, who Raw Story reported is a Trump supporter involved in last month’s Portland State University Students for Trump rally, runs YouTube channel LaughingAtLiberals. Strickland was videotaping the event when he got into an argument with protesters.

Several videos showed tensions rising as Strickland backs away from the crowd of protesters. One video begins once the crowd sees Strickland has a gun with several people screaming, "He's got a gun." As Strickland continues to back away he alleges people were "pushing" and "shoving" him.  

He then reaches into his holster and pulls a gun. With two hands on the gun Strickland shouts "get the hell back!" several times at protesters before putting it away.

In the longest video of the incident protesters are seen trying to stop others from getting close to Strickland in order to allow him to leave. At one point the crowd starts chanting "Black Lives Matter."

Strickland appears in another video saying he drew the gun because he "feared for his life" saying people were "using their flagstaffs as weapons."

According to an affidavit, Portland Officer Branden L. Comb was present during the protest and heard people running by screaming "gun!" and "he's got a gun" reported The Oregonian.

The Oregonian reported Strickland was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. In court Friday Multnomah County deputy district attorney Kate Molina said police found the following on Strickland after the arrest: "an extended clip in the handgun, a round in the chamber of the gun, plus two magazines of ammunition in a belt pouch on his left side, two magazines in his front right pants pocket and one magazine in his left front pants pocket," wrote The Oregonian. He reportedly also had a pocket knife.

Molina also told the court Strickland had previously been reported to police for "possibly race-based threats'' towards a person attending a Portland vigil for Orlando shooting victims. Strickland reportedly harassed a person with texts and calls identifying himself as a "white nationalist anarchist," reported The Oregonian.

Strickland was charged with two felony counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and disorderly conduct.