How's your Friday going? Good? Awesome. In the event that it's not going so well, here's something that should at least temporarily cure your trapped-in-a-cubicle boredom by giving you something to talk about with the nearest co-worker, assuming such a conversation wouldn't get you immediately fired. A decidedly NSFW video of a New Zealand man seemingly having sexual relations with a road has started making the usual rounds, inspiring a laundry list of questions that will likely remain unanswered until the end of time. Namely, WHAT?!?

"So this is what we came to work to this morning, this little ground-sex session going on just outside the window," said the person filming the video. "He's just having a good go at the ground. Look at that. Awesome."

The video was first uploaded to Reddit before getting the coveted Daily Mail seal of approval. Reddit commenters have generously offered their own theories on what the hell is actually going on in the video, ranging from bath salts to (sigh) enthusiastic manhole puns. According to the Daily Mail, the footage was filmed at an office somewhere in New Zealand and, um, that's about all anyone knows.​

Maybe New Zealand's avocado-induced crime wave is finally taking a toll on the common man?