Vicente Fox wants to meet the man he's been feuding with in the media face-to-face in a live debate. The former president of Mexico started verbally sparring with Donald Trump back in February when he expressed his feelings about the proposed border wall that Trump says he'll make Mexico pay for. 

Fox got right to the point in an interview with Fusion journalist Jorge Ramos, saying, "I'm not going to pay for that fucking wall."

Now, in a new interview with WABC radio host Rita Cosby, Fox has challenged Trump to step up and debate him in person. 

"I'm willing to come here, to come here, to the States, if it's for a debate. A direct personal debate with him," Fox said. "No, this is not a show and I don't want his $10 million he says he'd raise for a debate. No charge on my side. But, the thing is we should listen to what we're saying and that will be very exciting and very interesting for everybody to hear about."

A Trump-Fox debate would probably attract millions of viewers, especially because Trump's campaign kicked off right with him referring to Mexican immigrants as rapists. And Fox's whole Twitter feed is basically just him bashing Trump over and over. 

It's doubtful that this debate will ever happen, though. Trump earlier this week backed down from a potentially much more lucrative opportunity to debate Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders after initially saying he was interested, causing #ChickenTrump to trend on Twitter.