This past March, a tugboat named The Specialist sank at the site of the Tappan Zee Bridge on the Hudson River, killing three crew members who were aboard the boat. Now, police are investigating claims that the captain of the boat that sank, Paul Crowley, was on another boat nearby while that boat's captain was engaged in sexual activity with a woman, according to The Journal News.

The Specialist, along with a second boat named The Realist, the boat that Crowley was allegedly on at the time of the crash, and a third boat named Trevor were escorting a barge at the construction site. The Specialist collided into a separate barge, causing The Specialist to sink. Its captain, Paul Crowley, was allegedly not aboard his own boat, but rather was on The Realist. And at the same time, The Realist captain James Morrison was with a woman he'd brought along.

The New York Post reports that Morrison was supposed to be piloting his boat but was instead below deck with the woman, who has yet to be identified. The Westchester Police Department told The Journal News the woman in question was not mentioned at the time of the accident that caused The Specialist to sink.

Morrison told The Journal News that Crowley was "doing a watch" aboard The Realist and that he did his "six hour watch. He [Crowley] was doing a watch. Nobody 'covered' for anyone." The Journal News reported that Morrison would not say whether or not he was with a woman at the time of the crash.