Announced last night, the Federal Budget is dominating conversation across all forms of Australian media today. Newspapers are dedicating multiple articles to thorough analysis of the Turnbull Government's maiden attempt at reducing the federal deficit while balancing the books.

Not all newspapers are going HAM on the numbers though. Northern Territory's irreverent News Corp identity NT News have perfectly summarised their feelings about the budget with one glorious Tweet; "WELL, THERE'S GOING TO BE A LOT OF  #Budget2016 ANALYSIS TODAY, SO HERE'S A PIC OF A BIG ASS CROC...JUST BECAUSE"

The Tweet is perfectly on-brand for the northern newspaper, who clearly establish their identity in their Twitter bio; "THERE'S MORE TO US THAN JUST CROCS AND WITTY HEADLINES. WHEN WE FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE, WE'LL LET YOU KNOW. WE LOVE SHOUTING."

Speaking of witty headlines, let's revisit a few of the NT News' best front page performances. Don't change, guys.

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