When Donald Trump announced his plans to run for president last summer, we all laughed. Publications spent the summer announcing that he'd never be president. It made sense: The host of The Apprentice couldn’t possibly gain any supporters, let alone enough to become the GOP frontrunner.

Fast forward to April, and Trump defied all expectations, sweeping Super Tuesday and primary after primary.

Comedian John Oliver pointed out that the person who wins Super Tuesday usually wins the Republican nomination. Trump’s Super Tuesday win led to a 350 percent spike in Google searches about moving to Canada, and while it might seem hilarious and sad, it's not totally unrealistic.

In fact, there's an entire world out there!

If Trump becomes your president, you don’t have to stay in America—especially if you’d be at the brunt of his hatred. While it’s not exactly plausible for everyone to uproot and leave the country for four years, these spots will be enough to at least satisfy your daydreams:

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