A wild car chase that looked like something out of Grand Theft Auto, except weirder, made its way across Los Angeles today as a pair of burglary suspects driving a Mustang convertible with the top down—during a full-on rain storm—evaded the LAPD and the California Highway Patrol. 

Everyone in Los Angeles seemed to be documenting the chase on Twitter. It started after Los Angeles County Sheriff's received a burglary call at around 2 p.m., the Los Angeles Times reported.

It was raining, so, you know, why not put the top down on that bad boy.

Of course, this is Los Angeles, so they got stuck in traffic for a little while.

After that, they exited onto Hollywood Boulevard for a brief long doughnut break.

Then a quick cruise past some prime tourist landmarks to let the costumed Elmos and Spider Men take pictures.

And then everyone thought the TMZ tour bus tried to help out by blocking the suspects, although TMZ reports that the driver was actually just trying to legit change lanes.

The suspects rudely threw trash at the bus anyway.

Then they threw up a quick, blurry peace sign.

Then they thought they were in England for a minute.

They danced a lil' bit and waved to the fans, according to KTLA.

Soon, though, they were driving on a flat tire.

So they parked (wherever they wanted to) and posed for some photos, and slapped some high fives in South Los Angeles until the cops showed up.

And not too long after that it was all over.

Suspects brought peacefully into custody in front of dozens of onlookers. #pursuit @NBCLA pic.twitter.com/Mrp8oN6gqk

— Kenny Holmes (@KHOLMESlive) April 7, 2016

You can watch the KTLA replay of the chase as seen from their chopper below.