Scandinavian people are often thought to be the most happy and peaceful in the world—or at least that's what survey upon survey tends to say. Hell, they even forgo adult films for a bit of cultural enlightenment. Finland in particular boasts a Prime Minister who gave his second home to refugees and introduced income-based speeding tickets.

With all that being said, there might be an untapped evil spark waiting to attack. Two Finnish farmers have constructed something that might have been conceived of the dreams of a millennial Saw: a chainsaw drone. As if drones weren't already being used to murder a shit load of people in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, the drone "hack" has been appropriately dubbed the "#KILLERDRONE".


The farmers posted a video to YouTube of the chainsaw attacking trees, snowmen, icicles, and balloons in the beautifully serene Finland Winter wonderland countryside. In a way it's kind of metal as hell (keeping in line with Scandanavia's extensive metal scene), but it might lose any glimpse of appeal when it's flying directly in your face. 

Let's hope the invention will be put to good use for the world's agricultural industries as opposed to wireless and voyeuristic murder.