Cats have a knack for getting into weird places and spaces, but Cupcake, a Siamese cat from England, probably used up a couple of her nine lives when she climbed into a box and was accidentally shipped across the country. 

The kitty covertly hid out inside the box that her owner was filling with DVDs to ship through the mail. The box was sealed up without the cat being noticed, then sent from Falmouth to West Sussex on the other side of the country, more than 260 miles away. The cat went for eight days without food or water until she was discovered by the surprised people at the package's destination, The Guardian reports.

Those people were reportedly shocked to discover the stowaway cat was still alive when it jumped out of the box, but hey, it's better than getting a dead cat in the mail (or a box of DVDs, to be honest). They called a veterinary center who picked up the dehydrated and freaked out cat and nursed her back to health. The cat's microchip helped them track down her owner, who had been frantically searching for her pet and putting up posters around her neighborhood. 

The owner told the BBC she "feels terrible" about what happened to Cupcake, while the vets said it was a miracle the cat survived that long. Meanwhile, Cupcake's ordeal was nothing next to a cat that was shipped to Hawaii in the mail in 2014. That cat reportedly survived for an insane 36 days before the owners discovered it inside one of the boxes that movers delivered to their new home.