There's #relationshipgoals like the multi-million dollar lottery winner who's spent millions bailing out her boyfriend on four different occasions and then relationships that don't end in happily ever after. Unlike this teen who allegedly murdered her boyfriend and posted about it on Facebook the following woman killed her boyfriend because he was frequenting Facebook too often. 

According to the Daily Mail, 23-year-old Terri-Marie Palmer stabbed her 24-year-old boyfriend Damon Searson right after posting a disgruntled Facebook status in which she complained about him. The Daily Mail reports the status read: "p***** me off sitting on Facebook, completely blanking me when I'm talking to him."

Palmer stabbed Searson's heart with a bread knife as he was reportedly on his phone checking messages.

Last week a court found Palmer guilty and gave her a life sentence for Searson's murder.

The Daily Mail reports the couple met in Palmer's Costa Del Sol hair salon where she was a hairdresser. The relationship that followed was called "stormy" and "on-off" writes the Daily Mail. Searson and Palmer moved into a trailer in Lancashire, England. 

Palmer was bother by Searson months before his death because he bought a cellphone and would take shirtless photos to post on Facebook where he would allegedly add girls. 

Days before Searson's death the two argued over text. "Crying myself to sleep for the second time this week and it's only Wednesday. Thanks Damon. I'm so angry and hurt I honestly want to f****** stab you," reads a text from Palmer according to the Daily Mail.

Palmer killed Searson on August 13, 2015. That same night she reportedly complained to a friend on Facebook about Searson's time on Facebook adding people. She also complained about Searson being unemployed and yet still spending money on a cell phone while she was paying rent. Palmer had mentioned she was going to leave him and live with her mother. Palmer wrote, "All he does is sits there and adds loads of girls. He's a f****** little prick. I'm fuming with him."

Palmer later told police Searson stabbed himself by accident adding that he was a binge drinker who was "controlling." 

Palmer reportedly said, "I just wanted to make things work but he started to become a bit possessive over me. Wherever I was going, if it was just to the shop he had to be with me. I wasn't expecting to be with him 24/7…I tried to work harder to make more money but it was really hard. We wouldn't speak for ages then when we did talk he would be shouting and trashing rooms and then he would throw the phone."

Palmer must serve 12 years in prison before she can apply for parole.

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