In what will be alarming news to some and probably a signifier of the future, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary tonight. Actually, he won by a double digit margin, essentially leaving his opponents in the dust. The results become less surprising when you look at voters' exit polls which reveal where their concerns lie and what they want: Republican New Hampshire voters want Muslims banned from the U.S.

Let's not point Twitter fingers at New Hampshire. A couple of months ago it was Iowa voters—30 percent of them, to be exact—who said Islam should be illegal. That state poll followed Ben Carson's Islamaphobic remarks  (back when he was relevant) when he said, "I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation." But no one has crusaded as hard or as steadily against Muslims in the U.S. as Trump, who has mocked a man wearing a turban, kicked a Muslim woman out of an event for standing, and the cherry on top, called for a U.S. ban of Muslims entering the country (Co-signed by his Muslim friends).  

According to ABC News two-thirds of voters supported Trump's Muslim ban with 42 percent of those supporters voting for Trump. The polls also showed 4 in 10 voters believed undocumented immigrants should be deported from the U.S., another issue Trump has aimed to solve with the addition of one long horizontal structure separating two countries. Of those voters 46 percent voted for Trump.