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Since most of us are not Chris Hemsworth, and thus don't have access to the magical Moby Dick diet, the task of achieving and maintaining a reasonable level of fitness is pretty daunting. For Adonis Hill, a 35-year-old personal trainer based in New York City, the struggle of working hard to lose a massive amount of weight is something he knows a great deal about. As documented on the A&E series Fit to Fat to Fit, Hill has been through that experience twice.

In a recent tell-all interview with BuzzFeed's Sally Tamarkin, Hill looks back on his weight loss experiences with nothing but positivity. "My dreams and everything I hoped for were gone," Hill says of the moment he started to let himself put on some weight, following an extended period of depression at age 27 prompted by the failure of his business. After some inspiration from a close friend, BuzzFeed reports that Hill was eventually able to shed a remarkable 100 pounds and had turned his newfound passion for fitness into a career as a personal trainer.

Half a decade after his own triumphant weight loss, Hill decided to help his client, Alyssa, lose a drastic amount of weight by putting on a seemingly impossible 70 pounds. The idea, as proposed by Fit to Fat to Fit, is that a trainer can help inspire a client to lose weight by working closely alongside them to lose some (newfound) weight of their own.

Though Hill ultimately fell a miniscule amount short of his 70-pound weight gain goal, he certainly got close enough to call before joining his client for one of the hardest—but most rewarding—experiences of his life. After months of grueling training and a few false starts, Hill was able to help his client lose 58 pounds.

For more on Adonis' personal training program, including his just-launched Adonis Moves America initiative, shed a few pounds of your own by clicking here.