What happens when a respectable creature of the wild walks into a school in southern India like he owns the place? Apparently this. Six people were injured at a school in Bengaluru this weekend when a leopard proceeded to enter the facility for a stroll, BBC News reports. The leopard easily made his way into Vibgyor International School but was eventually tranquilized and relocated, though not before wreaking some serious havoc:

"It was a long struggle to capture the leopard," a police spokesperson told local reporters, as quoted by BBC News. "Although it was injected with [tranquilizers] it could be captured only around 20:15 local time when the medication took full effect." Though six people were ultimately attacked by the lone leopard, including a scientist and a regional forestry official, all sustained injuries were ultimately minor.

The leopard, one of an estimated 12,000 in the country, is now enduring a slightly more humanless existence at a nearby national park. No children were inside the building during the unnamed leopard's higher education stroll.