Years Active: 1983-2002
Key Members: Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels, Jason "Jam-Master Jay" M
Elements of style: Adidas tracksuits, Adidas Superstars, Leather blazers, Kangol bucket hats, Fedoras, Thick gold chains

Run-DMC defined the blueprint of universal B-boy style. Adidas tracksuits and leather blazers never got a stronger endorsement than they did from the iconic Hollis, Queens trio—long before brands started paying rappers to drop their name in a rhyme. This is the crew that turned shell-toed sneakers into real Superstars. Rocking them unlaced with the tongues out, they created a look that nobody else has ever pulled off quite as well. They incorporated fedoras and Kangol bucket hats into their signature dark-colored look—usually accentuated with thick gold chains. And who can forget DMC's trademark thick-framed Cazals?

It's been almost ten years since the death of their late great DJ Jam Master Jay, but looking back, the tremendous influence of the group's signature look is clear. Meanwhile the classic "Run-DMC" logo has gone so mainstream that it was recently parodied by the Democratic Party—and there's even on online logo generator. Run and DMC have gone on to collaborate with Adidas on special projects, resulting in one of last year's best sneakers and adding to their untouchable aesthetic legacy.