Years Active: 1993-Present
Key Members: Organized Noize, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, Future
Elements of Style: Loud suits, Tailored gear, Tees, Jerseys, Whatever CeeLo felt like wearing that day

Is there a crew with more eclectic style than the Dungeon Family? Ranging from CeeLo's "Fuck You" chic to André 3000's ability to flip from perfectly-tailored to "guys, I'm in a kilt" at a moment's notice, not to mention Future's seemingly endless collection of sunglasses, they do it all. Sometimes these guys seem less like a crew, and more like a bunch of free spirits drawn together by their slightly skewed sensibilty and a fever for the Dungeon funk.

But you know what? It really works for them. Carrying the torch of weirdness and freely letting their freak flags fly, these ATLien Androids truly don't give a "Hey Ya." But the fact remains that André 3000 is the only black dude hanging up on the walls of Bergdorf Goodman.