Played By: Bette Davis
Movie: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Fame can be a powerful, uncontrollable drug, especially for those who experience it early in their lives and watch it fade away just too soon. Case in point: Baby Jane Hudson (Bette Davis), a former child star whose career devolved into a succession of box office flops while her sister, Blanche (Joan Crawford), has achieved much more success. And Jane isn't the least bit happy about that.

A car accident seriously cripples Blanche and forces her to rely on Jane for care. Unfortunately, Jane's endless failures have sent her over the edge of sanity and straight into a booze-fueled psychosis marked by poorly applied makeup and violent mood swings. Stuck inside the house with Jane 24/7, Blanche is helpless against her demented sister's vicious impulses. For lunch, Jane serves Blanche a dead rat. When Blanche tries to call for help, Jane mercilessly beats her.

Depicting the horrors of fallen celebrity and familial dysfunction, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is psychological horror at its best. Bette Davis will haunt your dreams. —MB