Played By: Hugo Weaving
Movie: The Matrix trilogy (1999-2003)

Computer code is the international language of nerds, but in a world where machines rule and harvest enslaved human beings as a bioelectrical power source by plugging them into the “Matrix,” a giant network that simulates life, it’s bleep-blooping badass.

Agent Smith is the human-loathing leader of three sentient computer programs with artificial intelligence that look like Secret Service agents and guard the Matrix from the inside. Alerted to activity within the network via an earpiece, and able to bend the rules of physics and control any non-awakened human’s simulated body within the Matrix, he poses a significant threat to the freedom fighters who must re-enter the system to liberate others.

Seemingly deleted at end the first movie by a fully conscious Neo (Keannu Reeves), who finally perceives the Matrix as nothing but moving computer codes, in the inferior sequels Mr. Smith appears transformed into a self-replicating virus and is even able to escape the network and enter the real world. Geek Squad can’t help you with that. JM