Played By: Gert Fröbe
Movie: Goldfinger (1964)

All of the Bond films pre-Daniel Craig walk a fine line between total camp and kinda camp. Goldfinger is the ultimate expression of that fine line, as it involves material that could be straight Roger Moore: a woman snuffed out by being painted gold, a villain crazy for gold named Auric Goldfinger ("auric" being an adjective relating to gold, thus Gold Goldfinger), and lasers. Thankfully, the material is handled with a straight face that works in the film's favor. You're in Sir Sean Connery territory, so hold the molten cheese.

For instance, when Gert Fröbe's Goldfinger is going to laser Bond in half, you're already preparing your body for light chuckles and/or eye-rolling. But when an opportunity for limitless exchanges of punny one-liners is diffused by Goldfinger saying, "No, Mr. Bond—I expect you to die," you're all, "Oh, word?" And you hold in your chuckles. —Ross Scarano