Played By: Glenn Close
Movie: Fatal Attraction (1987)

Any married person who's considered creeping should watch Fatal Attraction. If that person still feels tempted to sleep around after meeting Glenn Close's character, Alex Forrest, may the gods of fidelity have mercy on their foolish souls.

Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) should've known something was up from the second Alex—a side piece who enters his life when his wife (Anne Archer) and daughter are away—cuts her wrist upon hearing that he's heading back home. That would've been a good time to come clean to his better half and alert the fuzz. Instead, Dan tries hiding the tryst from, and it doesn't take long for psycho-chick Alex to start calling his house, faking a pregnancy, boiling their daughter's pet rabbit, and getting quite handy with a butcher's knife.

Blame it on Glenn Close's beauty, and, we'd imagine, some great sex. Though, to be fair, there's nothing sexy about Alex's chilly insanity manifesting itself as she speaks that now-famous line, "I will not be ignored, Dan." That's just creepy. —MB