Across its 25+ year history, Supreme’s collaborations have been some of its most memorable releases. Its long list of collaborative partners includes established names like The North Face, Timberland, Comme des Garçons, and even Louis Vuitton. But one of its most fruitful and long-lasting relationships has been with sportswear giant, Nike. 

Since joining forces to create two pairs of grail-level SB Dunk Lows in 2002, the two brands have produced countless projects together. While a lot of collectors often focus their attention on the sneakers, Supreme and Nike have also come together to produce great apparel as well. Sometimes the releases coincide with a sneaker release to offer matching items like a jacket or cap. Other times, Supreme has taken some of Nike’s signature sportswear items and brought them into the streetwear world with unique material choices like leather to construct a baseball jersey or denim to create a varsity jacket. They’ve even featured athletes in their campaigns like JR Smith in 2018 or the widely considered GOAT, Michael Jordan in 2015. 

With the two brands coming together for their most recent apparel drop last month, we decided to take a look back at their collaborative history. Check out the complete timeline of Supreme x Nike apparel collabs below.