Once temps drop, Moncler jackets are everywhere in New York City. In fact, the brand’s omnipresent puffy coats have shone through the city’s grit and grime for decades. From Flatbush to Fifth Avenue, Moncler jackets are a common thread connecting rappers, graffiti writers, sneakerheads, fashion fans, and other go-getters throughout the five boroughs.

Case in point, Moncler recently tapped BMX pro Nigel Sylvester to be the first ambassador for its Creators campaign. Given the love Moncler gets in the streets of NYC, Sylvester is a natural fit. He was born and raised in Queens, where he fell for hip hop from an early age, including all the clothes and swag that go with it. 

But Sylvester was not the first New Yorker to rock with Moncler. From legendary hip hop soul singers running Moncler puffers in the mid ‘90s to Brooklyn drill rappers showing out in crispy Maya jackets today, influential New York artists have always had mad love for the brand. And that’s to say nothing of the throngs of well-heeled New Yorkers that you’ll see wearing their puffers when temperatures drop below 40 degrees in ritzy neighborhoods too.