It’s tough to pin Quincy down. He’s not just an actor. But he did have a memorable role as Jaleel in Dope which led to a recurring, multiseason role on Fox’s Star. He’s not just a musician. But he is stacking a rapidly-diversifying catalog of songs built on a foundation of R&B, hip-hop, and reggae. Just look at the remix of his 2020 hit “Aye Yo,” which took a turn towards the global thanks to Shaggy and Patoranking. He’s not a tech guy. But he does have an encyclopedic knowledge of apps, even developing one of his own on top of inventing an iPhone accessory. And he’s not just a model. But he has been the face of several Coach campaigns and is an ambassador for the label’s line of watches. 

So maybe it’s best to describe Quincy by looking at his background. Born to the late actress Kim Porter and R&B legend Al B. Sure!, Quincy’s parents named him after Sure’s mentor, Quincy Jones, who is also his godfather. After his parents split in the early ’90s, Porter began dating Diddy, who would later adopt and raise Quincy. Being brought up among legendary artists, producers, and businesspeople taught Quincy that he could follow many creative paths at once, never limiting himself. After talking to him it’s clear he’s taken those examples seriously, something he discussed with us recently, while also telling us about his creative processes, the different mediums he uses to express himself, and why he’s so into this new Coach X Champion collaboration. This is Quincy’s story. 

I wanted to start by welcoming you back to New York City. How does it feel to be living here again?

It feels good, being here working as an adult. I haven’t really been here for this amount of time for a long time. It definitely feels like home still, which I love. LA is my home now, and I didn’t want to get here and feel homesick, but I keep myself busy. I’m really focused, so there’s not too many times where I get that homesick feeling.

What brought you back east?

A lot. I’m working on a lot of things. I’m filming—I’m a guest star on the new season of Power: Book Three. We’re based in New York, and this takes it back to the ’90s. It’s fun. I’ll be here for a couple months.