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Ksubi’s Aussie co-founders Dan Single and George Garrow happened to meet at a bar in LA. Single, a graffiti artist, and Garrow, a poet, felt they could never find any jeans they thought fit well and looked good.

The duo teamed up with Paul Wilson and Oska Wright to launch Ksubi denim in 2001. That year, Ksubi models walked the runway at Australian Fashion Week alongside 169 rats. The bold debut solidified the brand’s subculture status, and soon after celebs like Kate Moss and Madonna were photographed wearing Ksubi jeans.


Since then, the brand has become a cult favorite. Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and A$AP Ferg have all shouted out Ksubi in songs. Other fans include A$AP Rocky, The Internet members, and Travis Scott. 


“With Ksubi, I was able to go with the good vibe and put my personality into this collaboration,” Scott said of a 2017 collaboration. “It’s a dope brand; I’ve been wearing it for a while.”



Styles are unfussy, and Ksubi designers prefer to set their own agenda instead of subscribing to consumer trends. Jeans, of course, are the foundation of each collection, along with distressed jackets, cut-off shorts, and premium tees and hoodies.


For fall, expect an influx of tailored jeans, faded hoodies, and statement denim jackets. The Oh G Jacket will be a leading favorite in vintage stonewashed blue with heavy bleach marks and a signature Ksubi T-box logo on the front chest.

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