Lacoste and Minecraft are ready to shake up the fashion and gaming worlds. And no, this is not a drill. With a new capsule collection, the French lifestyle brand puts a fresh spin on Microsoft’s distinct, 11-year-old building simulator and combines it with sleek and stylish eco-friendly silhouettes that are perfect for all to wear (regardless of gamer status). 

As you can see below, the new Lacoste x Minecraft collection loobook features content creators Shelby “Shubble’’ Graces, Mari “AtomicMari” Takahashi, Broky Brawks, and Scott Major. To round the capsule collection out, Lacoste and Minecraft created an online Lacoste’s Crocodile Island, where forward-thinking players can come together to explore and experience surprises from the collab.

All in all, the iconic brands prove two is definitely better than one as they’ve instantly made strides in elevating the digital and real-world experiences. Whether you’re new to the game or a total pro who’s been hooked for years, this line is ready to inspire you in every way. Check it all out below and watch just how far your creativity can go.