In an effort to ensure maximum vehicular coziness, Kim Kardashian had her Lamborghini wrapped in SKIMS Cozy fabric.

“You guys, my new ride is here,” Kardashian said in footage of the unveiling. “Look at this. This is all the Cozy fabric for SKIMS. I’m matching the car. Is this not the cutest thing ever?” 

On Thursday, Complex was first to share photos and video of the Cozy-ified Lamborghini. See more below.

Back in September of 2019, Kardashian’s SKIMS line enjoyed a massively successful launch, with TMZ reporting at the time that an estimated $2 million in sales occurred within minutes.

“We’re creating the next generation of underwear, shapewear, and loungewear by consistently bringing our customers newness and excitement with each drop, and I am so thankful for the dialogue we have with our community along the way,” Kardashian told Tish Weinstock in March of this year when laying out her ambitions for the SKIMS name moving forward.

Earlier this month, SKIMS launched silk pieces in new colors:

Last year, Kardashian and SKIMS made headlines thanks to a Paris Hilton-assisted velour revival. The SKIMS Velour experience, per Kardashian, marked a project that was “a year in the making.” According to Kardashian, the collection was designed to serve as celebratory “reinvention” of the 2000s-era trend.