Outside of the sign he put up on the side of the Gap flagship store where he used to work on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, we haven’t seen much Gap Yeezy imagery. Kanye is a master of visuals, so we presume that whatever he releases will be great, but we also hope it pushes him into new territory. Yeezy imagery has been mostly dark and conceptual, which isn’t a bad thing, but it would be nice to see West reinterpret some of Gap’s old marketing campaigns, which were bright and energetic with a focus on original music. If anyone understands the power of celebrity and music, it’s Kanye West, so we’re sure he has those bases covered, but some newness and storytelling that gets at the importance of this collaboration would be great. West wants to dress everyone, and we hope that’s reflected in the campaign. What does that look like? We aren’t sure. We just hope it doesn’t involve paparazzi-esque shots of influencers.—Aria Hughes