Location: Glastonbury, U.K.

Banksy presented his on take on Stonehenge in 2007. The self-proclaimed "guerilla artist" debuted an installation at the widely-popular Glastonbury Festival in that year. During a phase of favoring installations over his signature stencils, the Bristol artist constructed a Stonehenge model made completely out of Port-a-Potties. Banksy placed the work closely to the "Sacred Space" portion of the field. The piece was immediately frowned upon because it mocked the ancient ruins.

According to The Guardian, Banksy said of his work in Glastonbury, "A lot of monuments are a bit rubbish, but this really is a pile of crap." Banksy's formation of the toilet-henge was later tagged and ragged by visitors. A small-scale re-creation of this work appeared a few years later during an exhibition at the Bristol Museum.