Darryl Brown is in the middle of relocating. After spending the past five years in Los Angeles getting Midwest Kids and his eponymous label off the ground, he’s taking it back to Toledo, Ohio, the city where he grew up that he says inspires everything he designs, for the launch of his second full Darryl Brown collection. 

“My brand and my support system, what I'm doing is so Midwest. I didn't want the pictures to come across looking unauthentic to what it is that I'm trying to do,” Brown tells Complex. “The second collection is so big to me. I didn't want it to be palm trees and sunny weather in the back.”

Brown’s brands, Midwest Kids and Darryl Brown, are his love letters to his upbringing. Midwest Kids is inspired by his mother’s wardrobe of gold chains and sweatsuits when she was a high school athlete. It’s focused on sportswear, T-shirts and hoodies that act as symbols for anyone from the area looking to rep it. Darryl Brown is his workwear line, a nod to the work uniform his father wore throughout his life. Think staples like canvas jackets, button-up work shirts, and cargo pants, reminiscent of what he also used to wear to work everyday clocking in at factories or as a railroad conductor.

“I worked at Chrysler. I worked at General Motors. I used to be on the assembly line making the front of Monte Carlos. I worked on a railroad. I watched my dad go to work at Chrysler for 30 years and wear boots everyday and work second and third shift,” he says. “I just feel I'm so involved in it. From my family, my town where I come from. It's not a trend.”