Travis Scott Spotted With Giant, Rare Hermès Bag in New York City

What's in the bag? Conceivably, just about anything could fit in the giant Hermès piece Travis Scott was spotted rocking in New York City this week.


Image via Getty/Bertrand Rindoff Petroff


A bag big enough to carry a week’s supply of CACTI was seen being casually carried by Travis Scott earlier this week in New York City.

For bag aficionados, the bag itself is cause for further inquiry, as it’s both extremely massive in size and palpably rare to the point of being virtually nonexistent to the general public. 

Christian Allaire, writing for Vogue, noted that the huge bag is indeed a (by comparison) seemingly oversized Hermès. More specifically, the style is known as Haut à courroies, which more storied Hermès appreciators will recognize as what the French luxury maker refers to as its “firstborn.”

The Haut à courroies was initially designed to meet the unique needs of those who needed to protect and transport saddles and riding boots at the beginning of the 20th century. In the decades since, as Scott demonstrated this week, the bag has taken on a new modern life as a versatile travel bag.

And given that this is Hermès we’re talking about, simply referring to the bag as “rare” isn’t enough. The size-accomplished bag, per Allaire, can go for as much as $23,000 on the resale market.

As previously reported, photographic evidence of the big Hermès bag also resulted in a glimpse at La Flame’s highly anticipated Nike Air Max 1 collab in a bright yellow colorway.

Big bold bags aside, fans are more eager to get further updates on the status of Utopia, Scott’s Astroworld follow-up that’s widely expected to drop later this year. With a number of festival appearances lined up, including his own Astroworld Festival in Texas, all signs do indeed point to a new era being upon us in the months ahead.

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