People Are Loving Lenny Kravitz's Incredibly On-Brand Gym Fit of Leather Pants and Shades

Lenny is always Lenny. That's why we love him.

Person with dreadlocks in sunglasses and black outfit flashing a peace sign
Person with dreadlocks in sunglasses and black outfit flashing a peace sign

Again proving that he’s among the coolest, most ageless people currently walking the Earth, Lenny Kravitz is back in headlines this week thanks to the incredibly on-brand presence of leather pants in the gym.

As seen in a short video shared to the Blue Electric Light artist's socials, the bonafide rockstar eschews the bland (and often downright hideous) trappings of traditional gym attire in favor of something far more Lenny-esque. In the clip, which Kravitz captioned with an uplifting message about limitless possibility, the four-time Grammy winner is seen rocking leather pants and sunglasses, not to mention a sheer tank top, while hitting the weights at Equinox Hudson Yards.

Expectedly, the world had much to say about this decidedly Lenny moment. But it wasn’t only fans who praised the gym fit to end all gym fits. Willow Smith, Wiz Khalifa, D-Nice, Daniel Arsham, Winnie Harlow, and more also got in on the action.

"Damn bro I need better gym fits," Wiz said, echoing the assessment of his peers.

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Commenters react to celebrity working out in leather pants, expressing admiration and humor
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Four comments under a social media post, users discussing Lenny Kravitz and joking about working out and wearing leather pants

The aforementioned Blue Electric Light, Lenny’s twelfth studio album, is out May 24 via Roxie and BMG. Last month, Lenny rolled out the album’s second single, "Human," complete with an official video helmed by Grammy-winning director Joseph Kahn. The director’s decades-strong filmography also includes videos for blink-182, Taylor Swift, DMX, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Backstreet Boys, Usher, Rob Zombie, Destiny’s Child, Hole, Eminem, and many more.

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