Uniqlo’s Practice Of Hiring More Employees Generates More Sales

One of the reasons why we love this place.

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Uniqlo hired 650 employees to work at its Fifth Avenue flagship store before its grand opening last October. The Japanese retailer has challenged the old model of "less is more" by hiring enough employees to keep 400 of them at the store at all times. That in turn generated more sales for the company, because it generated a better customer service experience for the shoppers. 650 people for one location? Call that ridiculous, but it's necessary. Other retail stores can no longer ignore the importance of great customer service and have something to learn from the CEO of Uniqlo (who happens to be the richest man in Japan).

The old model of cost cutting by hiring less, leaves a company with overworked and inexperienced employees, which leads to unhappy customers. Uniqlo invests a good amount of time training its employees. The experience gained from hours of training can turn a regular walk-in customer into a sale. The more you know... [The New Yorker]

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