Russell Westbrook Outdoes Himself With Latest Outfit

Teen Choice Awards special.

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Forget stepping it up to the next level, Russell Westbrook went far beyond outer space for his latest outfit. The OKC baller showed up at the Teen Choice Awards dressed in a sleeveless shirt and a drop crotch cropped sweats get up. Westbrook is no stranger to making big fashion statements. We were going to name this look, but the Internets were to quick to morph him into a Power Ranger.

This kind of outfit is going to bring a lot of criticism and jokes, but all he has to say is #donthateonthebrodie. Considering the baller's mantra is "Why Not?" it isn't too surprising to see him rock an outlandish kit. The question is: Will he look back on this one day and cringe? Fans seem to be receptive: There are currently 22,000 likes on his Instagram so far. What do you think of this latest outfit?

[via Bleacher Report]

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