"Are Those Real?" NYC Men Are Paying $7,000 For Beard Transplants

Do we still call them men?

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Who knew facial hair would one day become a commodity? Thanks to hairless dudes out there whose genes do not allow them to grow facial hair past prepubescent stage, beard transplants are now a thing that exists.

Apparently, this was popular procedure in the U.K. a couple months ago, but it looks like the trend has moved stateside. According to DNAinfo, New York City facial surgeons are getting more and more clients who want to add extra scruff to look more like the manly men in pick-up truck commercials.

"Whether you are talking about the Brooklyn hipster or the advertising executive, the look is definitely to have a bit of facial hair," said Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a (clean-shaven) specialist who does an average of three beard implants a week. 

Prices range from the $3,000 for fill-ins to $7,000 for a full beard. Clients all have different reasons, from vanity purposes to the religious. One man got his facial fuzz to look younger, and Hasidic Jews are getting them for better payot, or side curls. Some even bring in pictures of their favorite facial hair icons to show the doctors exactly what they want. Old school dudes like Tom Selleck for his mustache is one of them, but the most popular is Brad Pitt. Still no word if the Duck Dynasty beard construction special is popular.

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