Needs/Wants Has Varsity Jackets That Don't Look Like Anything Else Out There

Toronto brand gives you a dose for your style risk needs.

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Toronto’s NEEDS/WANTS is a brand that's challenging the notion of what a varsity jacket is supposed to look like. We’ve seen ones loaded with patches or some dope joints with raglan sleeves, but this one is unlike anything else that takes on the classic silhouette that’s been around since ‘30s.

The Varsity Pea Coat has the same leather sleeves and wool body as any classic varsity jacket, but the obvious change is the lengthened body of the piece. The proportion might be too much for some, but for cool guys jumping ship on skinny fits and aren't afraid of a few style risks, this jacket might work perfectly.

However, the lengthened look isn't for everyone. If you prefer sticking to the OGs, the brand still has some crazy options for you.The Heritage varsity jacket maintains the old school shape you’re more accustomed to. But that's where shit gets weird and awesome. Only one of the sleeves is a contrasting leather, while the other is made of the same wool as the body. The resulting asymmetrical look will definitely turn heads and is a great play on the classic varsity.

Maybe designer Sean Brown never heard of the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or perhaps he has, but like the second leather sleeve on these jackets, the fucks he gives are nowhere to be seen. If you want a refreshingly weird interpretation of a timeless garment, visit the NEEDS/WANTS website to purchase. 

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