Donald Trump Backs Down From Suing Online Activist for Macy's Dump Trump Campaign

Does he admit defeat?

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A couple months ago, activist Angelo Carusone started an online petition to get Macy’s to remove all Donald Trump products off its shelves. At the most recent count, the petition racked up about 683,000 signatures. Usually Mr. Trump acts fast when someone messes with his money, but little was heard from the Donald until yesterday.

The coiffed one issued a threat to sue Carusone for $25 million if he didn’t end his campaign—seriously; this guy just loves to sue people. But then in rare change of heart, Mr. Trump decided to back off his threat. He claims that “a lawsuit against Angelo won't work—my ties [and] shirts [are] doing too well at Macy's—he's actually helping. I have no damages!"—which is statement we find hard to believe. But what he’s really trying to say is, my ties and shirts really do suck and I wanted to create some publicity to push some sales. “Let’s go cop that new Donald Trump new new,” said nobody ever. 

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