Conflict of Interest Takes on Pyrex Vision for Its Latest Parody Tee

The streets aren't safe for high fashion and streetwear brands anymore.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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Conflict of Interest (C.O.I) has already parodied names like Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Jil Sander just to name a few. But the brand with the witty wordplay isn’t done crossing off targets from its list. Hot off the parody presses is a new one from C.O.I. that rips on Pyrex Vision with its own Kleenex T-shirt. One of the hottest streetwear brands in recent memory gets parodied on its penchant for designing gear with jersey-style details and rehashed Caravaggio paintings.

Details show “Kleenex” across the back and an oil based painting-style graphic of a woman holding a tissue on the front. She’s possibly weeping at Pyrex Vision’s ridiculously marked up prices. Good thing for you this parody tee is only $70 on the C.O.I. NY website

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