Cam'ron Might Be Teaming Up With Mark McNairy on an Exclusive Cape Collection

He's going to have the whole city wearing capes.

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Cam’ron has been on a fashion trendsetting wave lately. The rapper has been spotted wearing his new favorite accessory: a cape. The first was at his birthday party, followed by a cameo at the VFiles after party last night. And it looks like he’s really serious about capes. How serious? How does working with Mark McNairy on a full fledged cape collection sound?

Killa Cam hit up Instagram to share a meeting between his team and McNasty for a new line of capes. If there was anyone who can start a polarizing trend it would have to be Cam. After all, he had the whole city wearing pink at one point. Now, everyone might be cloaked up in the future.

So far there are two Cam’ron capes in existence (at least that we know of), but look for more in the near future. You might laugh now, but just like his hashtag says #hatenowcapelater.

[via mr_camron on Instagram]

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