Ballin: Burberry's Newly-Appointed CEO to Be One of the Highest Paid in the UK

Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey is set to rake in the big bucks and be one of the highest paid CEOs in the UK.

Image via This Is Money

Let’s face it: Burberry rakes in the dough. In return, the luxury brand pays its CEO the big bucks. News has come down that newly appointed CEO Christopher Bialey, who is also chief creative officer, is set to make a salary of £10.3 million this year (about $17.3 million).

The payment will come in the form of 500,00 shares, to be paid out over five years, which are worth approximately £7.6 million. Another £8.1m a year comes as part of his annual pay package, with the cherry on top being a £440,000 cash allowance for clothing and expenses. All of this would make him one of the highest paid CEOs in the UK. 

As a senior manager, he also receives an 80 percent discount on all Burberry goods. 

But the title of highest paid is nothing new for Burberry CEOs. Former CEO Angela Ahrendts was getting paid just a bit bellow what Bailey is earning now. 

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