Ben Baller’s House Is Filled With Awesome Collectors' Items

The Coveteur visits the jeweler in his California home.

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Ben Baller is no stranger to shitting on folks when it comes to stunting. Niketalk legend, jeweler to the stars, and all around hustler, the California native is not shy to show off his wealth. Sure, making bank off eBay reselling—he holds the world records for highest pair of shoes sold and largest group of sneakers sold—helps him afford the finer things in life, but the man also runs a pretty successful jewelry business, IF & Co. He also ranked Complex's 50 Greatest Chains in Hip-Hop.

The Coveteur recently paid a visit to his crib to take a look at his impressive collection. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s always an item that collectors would kill for. KAWS 4Ft Companions, Louis Vuitton Murakami pieces, iced out G-Shocks, we can go on with a list of descriptions but its better to see it in pictures. The man always shuts it down. Visit the Coveteur website for more pictures.

[via thecoveteur]

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