Kick Your Outfits Into High Gear With 1992's NASCAR-Inspired Shirts

Vroom vroom.

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Speeding out the logo-flip starting line is the new brand 1992 out of Los Angeles. The artist and design collective have tuned-up some shirts with the most insane and creative logo-flips we’ve seen so far. Names like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Kawasaki have been modified to Merderes-Demz, Rari, and Kawabunga.

Presented in this fall/winter 2013 lookbook is the ATL Twins and a few other models rocking the NASCAR-inspired designs. There are six to choose from in multiple colors, and all are capable of revving up your closet. If you’re about the quarter-mile life visit the VFiles website to cop these shirts and leave all others in the dust.

[via Stylesight]

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